About the Conference

About The Ninth International Hospital Management Conference

With Innovations in Hospital Management and the International Exhibition of Advanced Hospital Technology and Equipment


The importance of healthcare in the heart of any community, achieving social justice and the general public benefiting from medical advances, further highlights the need for focusing on the neglected areas.

‘Management’ is a term which has been taken into consideration and is now a key word that can encompass many of these concerns and serve as an intermediary between the medical community and the general public. The interaction between these two parts of society can undoubtedly be perceived from the perspective of management. On the other hand, advancement of medical sciences, active involvement of investors in the medical industry, the medical community development, health sector, etc. give the word «management» connotations that raise expectations.

Lack of resources and increased demand for health services require the use of creativity by hospital managers for optimal use of existing resources and benefiting from innovative approaches in this field. Providing new solutions and modifying and implementing creative management models in this field can enhance hospitals performance through targeted allocation of resources and optimal use of existing capital and consequently provision of better services, and thus, provide audiences’ satisfaction.

With this introduction to the necessity of finding approaches to health management, the importance of holding the «International Hospital Management Conference» becomes obvious, a conference that is due to be held for the ninth year. This conference has had an efficacious role in increasing the knowledge of hospital managers and establishing communication between the Ministry of Health, Medical schools, hospitals and medical equipment companies.

The ninth International Hospital Management Conference will focus on innovations in hospital management and will provide an opportunity for exchanging experiences and new findings as well as exploring successful experiences in the world.

This conference, as the greatest conference on hospital management, includes keynote speeches by international participants, educational workshops, possibility of submission of articles with retraining points and marginal exhibition of advanced hospital technologies, attended by presidents and managers of Iranian hospitals as well as a number of presidents of hospitals from neighboring countries.

We hope that this year due to active participation of you creative and efficient managers, we may take even more coordinated measures to promote health services in Iran.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Kind regards,

Dr. Mohammad Moeed Malekzad

Executive Secretary of the Conference